St Anthony's Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) Program

We recommend reading all of the information on this page before proceeding with your order, particularly the device requirements directly below.

When selecting a Chromebook, our advice is to choose something durable that will handle potential wear and tear during its approximate 3-4 year use at school. Touchscreen Chromebooks are handy but not required. Generally, a suitable Chromebook will be priced between $300-$500 (using the 'sort by price low to high' will help you find the best deals). A protective carry case is important, and students are encouraged to bring their own headphones if possible (labelling all items is advised). We request that the device meets the minimum requirements below and is a Chromebook, not a PC or Mac.

Minimum Device Requirements
Screen Size 11 inches or higher
Memory 4GB or higher (we recommend 8GB)
Hard Drive 64GB or higher

Please click here to check on the expected Auto Update Expiration for a Chromebook before purchasing. This site will show how long any Chromebook model has until its expected operating system no longer receives updates. 

We also recommend devices that have a fixed keyboard, not a detachable keyboard. Touch-screen Chromebooks are not necessary either.


We have targetted Year 4 as our BYODD grade, with the view that children in this grade would then have use of their Chromebook for three years and potentially into their early high school years as well. 


Expectations of Students

  • The St Anthony’s user agreement is discussed and signed with students and parents prior to use of ICT in the classroom. 
  • The personal device agreement outlines expectations around the use of the BYODD hardware.
  • Students bring their Chromebooks to school each day fully charged and take them home each day.
  • Students keep all electronic communication school-related. During instructional activities, electronic communication is to be solely related to the activity at hand. No non-school related e-communication is allowed during the school day. The Chromebook is in no way to be used to bully, or harass other students or teachers.
  • It is the student’s responsibility in consultation with their teacher to manage their files. This will help to avoid the loss of school-related data.

Expectations for Parents

  • Parents are the ultimate administrators responsible for the Chromebook. Suppliers have warranties and insurance add-ons and accessories such as protective cases that are available. The purchase of options are the sole choice and responsibility of the parents. However, we strongly recommend that a protective case be purchased for the travel between home and school. If the device is broken or stolen, it is the parents who bear responsibility according to the negotiated conditions with the supplier. School insurance does not cover family-owned devices.
  • Charging of the device on a daily basis is the responsibility of parents along with the child.
  • Ensuring that the device is not used for online bullying/harassment.
  • It is recommended that parents are aware of their child’s password and that it is not changed without their consent. Please contact the school regarding account access.

Expectations for St Anthony’s

  • We will provide students with a safe place for the storage of the Chromebook during non-class hours to avoid damage and theft. Chromebooks will not leave the classrooms during recess and lunch. Rooms will be locked when the class is not in attendance.
  • Providing the students with access to a secure, filtered internet connection.
  • Educating the children in regard to online bullying/harassment and the potential impact and consequences of these types of behaviours for the victim and the
  • Students will receive ongoing instruction on Digital Citizenship. The User Agreement is in place for those students who do not comply with the requirements of being responsible users of ICT.
  • Balancing the appropriate use of the Chromebook with other educational tasks and methods of learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software should the device contain?
None - the Chrome OS and other web-based apps and platforms provide everything students need. You do not need to purchase any software.

What support will be provided for the use of the device?
St Anthony’s will assist your child in his/her basic usage of the device with troubleshooting and sorting out minor technical issues. However, parents (through the supplier warranty) will be responsible for any major hardware issues that may arise with the device.

How do I manage my child’s usage at home?
BYODD is a partnership between school and home. Ultimately the parents are the administrator and the device may be used at home in whatever capacity the parents see fit. BYODD is built upon trust and responsibility at home and school. At school, there is an Acceptable Use Policy. At home, it is the parent’s responsibility to set the parameters of acceptable use that they are comfortable with. If parents have a concern about a school-related task being done at home, then please talk with your child’s teacher.

How will my child identify their device?
The use of personalised computer covers, name labels, stickers and other identifying marks and the personalised Google Classroom login page will identify your child’s device by simply opening the screen.

How safe is online collaboration?
At the school level, we are able to safeguard the student’s work through the advanced filtering system provided by our Catholic Education IT department. At school, all outside connectivity is monitored through the school's internet filtering system when using their Google Workspace for Education account. Thus blocking access to inappropriate material. Parents would need to monitor home use the same way they currently monitor home computer access.

Do I need virus protection?
No. Google Workspace for Education is highly protected. The school will advise you if there is any change in regard to this. Google states that they provide 24/7 support. Virus protection is built in, and the operating system stays up to date automatically.

Can students access social media?
All social media sites have an age limit of 13 years and are therefore blocked by the school’s filtering system.

Are parents still required to pay the technology levy as a part of the school fees?
Yes. The technology fee is an important source of funding that allows the school to maintain all areas of technology access, including infrastructure costs, security and other resources.