Our School

“Committed to inspiring passionate learners within the intellectual, relational and Spiritual riches of the Catholic Tradition”.

Our Vision

Faith We live the values of Jesus Christ. We are inspired by faith. 

Belonging We build respectful relationships through understanding.

Learning We challenge contemporary learners to seek excellence.

Our History

St Anthony’s Parish Primary School began in 1978 in the buildings of Padua Catholic High School (now St Mary MacKillop College).  With a rapid increase in enrolments the school needed to expand to an annex at Erindale College as well.

The whole school came together during mid 1982 on the present site and was officially opened on the 7th of May 1983.

The School was originally all demountable building besides the School Hall.  I was hoped that the Parish Church would be built on this site.  Holy ground was prepared, medals were blessed and then buried next to the hall.  Ultimately, it was determined that the site was unsuitable and the Church should be built on the present site on Sternberg Crescent.

With a grant from the Government called National School Pride, Building Education Revolution the school had built two new classroom block consisting of 12 classrooms in total and a new Administration Block.  This project was officially opened in 2011.  Building began in 2016 of our Early Learning Centre which was officially opened in 2017.

School Prayer

Dear St Anthony,

You came our way to let us know we are loved each day. 

A gift we share by what we do and say.

 You spread the word of Christ, you are a guiding light.

Help us to spread the good news and share your insight.

 You showed people the way, you lent a helping hand.

Fill our hearts and minds with the gift to understand.

 You acted with justice, respect and peace in every way. 

Help us to follow your footsteps in our work and play.


Students of 2011